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Originally Posted by Champagne Wishes View Post
I could care less if he ever transfers to wing. I'd much rather hang onto a guy who's already a very valuable player in this league, and who has the goal-scoring history, playoff performance, pedigree, and flashes of dominance at this level to suggest he could be a great center than deal him for two guys who are older, not terribly well-regarded and are no guarantees to even become successful NHL players, let alone impact ones.
Yes dont anger the local Staal lovers. They will snap back very harshly.

Staal is VERY valuable to any team. We have the two best centers in the game and we are still are holding onto him even tohugh we have no wingers, he is that valuable.

I say keep him if he signs a cheaper deal around 3.5 a year for four years maybe 3-3-4-4. If he starts asking for 4-5.5 I say we have to trade him. Malkin,Talbot,Gogo, and Staal raises. The could be close to another 10million in cap.

Malkins 3.8 to 8.7 raise 4.9
Talbot .675 to est1.4 .750
Staal 2.2 to est4.5 2.3
Gogo .984 to est2.5 1.5

9.45 all estimations but thats a lot of added cap.

Still Have As UFAs


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