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12-01-2008, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Champagne Wishes View Post
If his trade value isn't high, then his RFA value isn't high, which is no problem at all. The first priority should be to sign Staal (a no brainer for anything around 4.5 per), and figure everything else out later. You don't trade a player who's shown what he's shown so early in his career for a couple of maybes just because they're a different position.

That's silly and counter to the entire drafting philosophy of drafting BPA. If we were only going to trade Staal after 3 good years for a couple of middling wing prospects anyway, we might as well have waited to draft Okposo.
Except for the value we've already gotten from him on the ice, plus the fact that his performances have made him an asset that can bring a lot more back than Okposo. For the record, Jack Skille was a 7th overall pick in 2005. Okposo a 7th overall pick in 2006 - and no I am not saying that they're equal.

In any case your "no brainer" is only a no-brainer when you don't look at context at all. If you ask me if Staal is worth a 4-4.5 million contract, yes he is. Is he worth a 4-4.5 million contract to play as a third line center on the Pittsburgh Penguins with the implications that has for the rest of the team? That is an entirely different question if you, like me, is preoccupied with Pittsbugh Penguins winning anything, rather than Pittsburgh Penguin having a good team with Jordan Staal on it. No offense.

Your work it all out later, you say.... I ran those numbers yesterday, and if we're signing Staal to the contract you suggest while keeping Whitney, there is NOTHING to work on or work out, as we have zip, skip and nada left to do it with. It means three third liners in top 6 wing positions, unless someone gives us scoring winger prospects that pan out for Eaton or Dupuis or something. Fat chance.

NB: As for signing him to 4.5 long term, sure, to then trade him and avoid the horror of giving him up to an offer sheet. Lots of teams would and could pay him that while giving up substantial returns.

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