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12-01-2008, 10:53 PM
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Originally Posted by JTG32005 View Post
I think you are vastly selling Whitney short. Whitney in his first full year in the NHL scored 59 points and played a defensive game that was very much on par with Gonchar. If you remember, Gonchar only within the last season has really taken his defensive game to that next level. Whitney in the playoffs looked to be taking his there also.

I'm just going from a mere economic standpoint here. Gonchar, IMO, is no doubt better than Whitney, but again, let's look at facts.

Gonchar is 35 at seasons end, Whitney is 26.

Their offensive production the last season Whitney was healthy were only seperated by 8 points (Whitney was 24).

Gonchar is not here long term. I think Shero signing Whitney for as long as he did, made that quite clear. Whitney also signed a sweetheart deal with us.

I'm not a cap expert by any means, but who knows what the cap will be in 2010. Yes, Gonchar might be a million dollars more better than Whitney now, but remember thats for only 1 more season. Sarge's next contract will probably be his last, and he is surely due for a raise. I mean, look at the money top powerplay QB's are getting these days. You are looking up around 7 million. Is Gonchar 3 million dollars better than Whitney? Couple that with the fact it very well might be Gonchar's last contract, can you really see him giving a discount? Young guys give discounts who's highest earning years are ahead of them, not a 35 year old defenseman who is on the downswing of his career.

I think Gonchar would have a higher return than that of Whitney.

Again, let me stress, these are just facts and how I rationalize things. Is this the best for the team right now? Probably not. Is it economically the best for the team in the future...I think so. Though, all the time I have wasted typing in this thread is moot because Gonchar has a NTC.
The thing I'll never agree with is the notion that $4 million for Ryan Whitney is a "sweetheart" of a deal. Unless he becomes Nick Lidstrom or Sergei Zubov, he's not going to be able to justify that contract from a defensive standpoint. Yeah, the guy can put up points but his boneheadedness coupled with his complete lack of physicality just doesn't equate.

But enough about that, because as you said Gonchar is going nowhere.

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