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Originally Posted by JTG32005 View Post
You realize a guy who is a mere powerplay QB in this league anymore is getting 4 million a year, right?

Your hate for Whitney is clouding rationale I think.
JTG32005 Please provide a rebuttal for this fiction chart

Show us how the penguins can be a better team next year than we are this year or were in the previous year with a few of our younger and more talented players recieving higher wages for their contributions to this team. The goal for the Pittsburgh Penguins is to win the Stanley Cup. Would Malkin's, Staal's, and Whitney's paid in advance expected talent provide the penguins with enough strength to not only get back to the cup but to be able to beat an even stronger Detriot team if not a very powerful San Jose team?

Talbot est1.4 - Crosby 8.7 - X
X Malkin 8.7 - X
Cooke 1.2 - Staal est4.5 - Kennedy .700
Dupuis 1.4 -X -Godard .750

Gonch 5
Whit 4
Orpik 3.75
Eaton 2
Letang .835
Gogo est2.5

Fleury 5.25
Curry .5

1mil injures or 13thoffensemen/7thdman

52.005 with Staal at 4.5, Gogo at 2.5, and Talbot at 1.4. Which are all reasonable.

4 spots to Fill

Lets say

Zig .750

52.755 and if the cap remains around the same...

You have 4 million dollars for 3 players to play wings for Crosby and Malkin

but let me guess.

You want Eaton and Dupuis gone so thats 3.4 mill but who is going to be our 6th dman? Scuds for 2? Gill for 2.5?

So maybe around 5-5.5 million for 3 wingers.
Or just put AHLers for our 6th to save pennies but also make our defense worse!!!

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