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12-02-2008, 04:02 AM
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LOL at Scuds getting 2m. If it is going to cost more than 1.5m/yr to keep Scuderi, that's a big pass to me. Team's have training camp's for a reason, to assess where their prospect pool is at. This is why team's have mini camp's in the summer as well, to just get a feel for what is in store for the main camp in late summer/fall. There is a lot of the season left to be played.

Caputi, Jeffrey, Stone, Filewich, even Minard can start to wake up and realize that they have a shot at a spot on the team next year. I would rather lose the services of Dupuis and Eaton, as well as Scuderi if Gill is willing to re-sign at the same price. Sykora wanted to be a Penguin before he finally came and signed on the Pens, chances are if he wants to stay, he and Shero could work out a deal that would keep him on a team he is enjoying being on and has the best shot at winning another cup since he has chemistry with Geno.

Roster wise, for fun, let's say the team retains some of the guys that are worth keeping around and/or rather the ones that the team CAN keep around, for giggles let's say the UFA's and RFA's re-sign (again, ones that Shero feels he should keep around).

Talbot, Crosby, ________
______, Malkin, Sykora
Minard, Staal, Kennedy
Bissonnette, Zigomanis, Godard

That bottom 6 doesn't really freak me out so much, if Paul can work on his game as a forward in the AHL and realizes that he could again sneak into the NHL on the 4th line and this time become a full-time 4th liner, that could be a very good and cheap solution. Minard is a pretty responsible player, he's not absolute trash and Therrien might be reluctant to throw up him and down the roster like he does with Dupuis and Fedotenko.

Ok that might look bad to some or most of you but my point is, we do not have an inept GM that doesn't know what to do with the team. We lucked out big time with Shero, the team got a thinking man's GM, as well as a guy that is NOT a pushover or a guy that balks at trades when the going get's tough. He has resolve and faith in the team and makes moves accordingly.

When the off season comes around, we'll see how it goes down. People are busting their nut over this whole cap "might" go down crap. The past few years, the cap has gone up a pretty steady amount each year. This year, it might only go up a fraction. That's not something to freak out about. The big freak out is in the 2010 off season when the cap might actually go down a little if the economy doesn't give it's self a hefty dose of adrenaline to get pumping. This is why salary talk right now is ********.

Yeah the team is winning without some key players, we can't whine about much since well, the team is winning. So we are like whiny brats, spoiled rich kids that whine about the stupidest things that if we saw another fan base whine about in a similar fashion, we would call them cry babies.

Slap yourselves and snap out of it.

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