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12-02-2008, 04:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Jag68Sid87 View Post
Bargains bargains bargains. Everybody's a bargain on defense, so we can't move anyone.

Here's a novel about a $4 million bargain winger???
Shero found a bargain in Satan. By all accounts, he is on pace to put up a Sykora like season, which is basically another 50+ pt winger. Is that so bad for 3.5m? Look around the league and see how much other teams are paying for a top 6 winger and see how many stats they are on pace to put up.

At 3.5m, Shero found a solution. If he can move Eaton and Dupuis then promote Minard to a full time bottom 6 player, that's a little more to add, another 1m + the money freed up from Fedotenko's contract.

There are a load of talented players that are currently in a funk. I hope Cole shows flashes of himself but not enough to make his value too high for Shero to pick him up. At 3.5m for 1/yr, he can be a great pick up for Sid or Geno's line, as well as boosting his value and hitting the market and taking off to wherever he wants to go.

If the team has to do the 1yr signings for a bit till they draft a winger or a player from within the system emerges, so be it.

I think Jeffrey is going to be a huge surprise, just a gut feeling. He could be a top 6 winger a well as Caputi. Jeffrey has the size and the smarts to be a solid player, if he can get his skating up to snuff and start showing more of his scoring touch that we all know he has in the AHL, he could be a beast and a Gaustad or Stafford type of our own.

Again, I am not worried or panicking about the up coming off season and the cap. All I want Shero to do is sign Goligoski & Talbot to long term deals, if he wishes to deal Goli for a winger, having him locked up at a good price for a long term deal could boost his value quite a bit more given the current situation with teams and the economy. He could bring back a return that most of us thought he couldn't just for that reason, his play and if he is signed to a long term deal.

It is why I think Whitney's value is more than people want to admit on the main boards. He's young, he is signed to a great deal for a top 3 defenseman and it's long term. Teams will know he will be with them for a while and what he will make so it's not going to be something they are going to have to work around or whatever as they would have had to if Whits was on the market and a potential RFA or something.

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