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12-02-2008, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Fortunately, the FRENCH MEDIA are not the Habs Scouting team nor are they experts on hockey talent.
The French media may not be experts but their tactics add much undeserved pressure and unrealistic expectations from our young players which leads to a stunt in growth and development as hockey players. It seems that with Lats he's been given a longer leash that some others because of the fact that he is a young, french-canadian. It's unfair but its a fact of life within the Canadiens hockey club.

Lats never was a Power Forward. Of course you're disappointed if you expected that from him, but that's you having too much expectations out of the kid.
I, for one, most certainly do not have too much expectatations of the kid. He has never shown me anything to get excited about. I hope he proves me wrong because if it helps the Habs chances of winning then I'm al for it. But right now, I feel that there are better options in Hamilton or to be aquired via tradied. I mean how long do you wait for this guy to become Cam Neely or Tod Bertuzzi? If by comparrison those guys took longer to develop, then why in the hell didn't the Habs' organization let him learn hids trade in the minors? Maybe the idea of a french kid playing in La Belle Province for Les Gorieaux had something to do with it?

Lats has been one of the most criticized player in the Media over the past years. S.Kost has been playing like crap lately and he's getting is fair share of criticism, what do you expect?
How many times was he made fun of 110% and La Zone and RDS??..You should have watched more TV over the last years.
S. Kost has an aweful lot more upside that Latendresse. Hopefully he shown more patience than Grabovoski.

Look at Kovalev, people are saying he has to pick it up but are not criticizing him yet like they were 2years ago.
They're not?

We can pin point every single player on this team and find players getting special treatment at certain times.
I agree, but it's usually because they deserve it.

Lats has had regular linemates for maybe 20games at most. He keeps getting moved around, was scratched last year, etc..
No freaking surprise he's not too consistent..
Keep him with Koivu for a good number of games and you'll see he's better than Lucic
He keeps getting moved around because he's not producing!!! Ever think that he is the cause of his own demise?
So, wouldn you trade Lats for Lucic straight up? Judging from your words you would not. I'm not so sure that many of those "hockey experts" you talk of would agree with you. Now that's a case of homeboy favouritism if I ever saw it!

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