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12-02-2008, 12:54 PM
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1-The French media may not be experts but their tactics add much undeserved pressure and unrealistic expectations from our young players which leads to a stunt in growth and development as hockey players. It seems that with Lats he's been given a longer leash that some others because of the fact that he is a young, french-canadian. It's unfair but its a fact of life within the Canadiens hockey club.

2-I, for one, most certainly do not have too much expectatations of the kid. He has never shown me anything to get excited about. I hope he proves me wrong because if it helps the Habs chances of winning then I'm al for it. But right now, I feel that there are better options in Hamilton or to be aquired via tradied. I mean how long do you wait for this guy to become Cam Neely or Tod Bertuzzi? If by comparrison those guys took longer to develop, then why in the hell didn't the Habs' organization let him learn hids trade in the minors? Maybe the idea of a french kid playing in La Belle Province for Les Gorieaux had something to do with it?

3-S. Kost has an aweful lot more upside that Latendresse. Hopefully he shown more patience than Grabovoski.

4-He keeps getting moved around because he's not producing!!! Ever think that he is the cause of his own demise?
So, wouldn you trade Lats for Lucic straight up? Judging from your words you would not. I'm not so sure that many of those "hockey experts" you talk of would agree with you. Now that's a case of homeboy favouritism if I ever saw it!
1- With Lats a longer leash?..If anything that leash is shorter. Like I said, it doesn't seem like you know much about the Mtl Media. They've been anything but favoring the kid. The only time I can think of them backing him up is after his training camp when he got sent back down to Juniors.
He didn't even catch a break in his first season. It took him around 10Games to score his first goal(was already getting criticized for being over hyped) and then was ridiculed by some of the media because of the ugliness of his first goal(Even Patrick Roy made fun of him).
So I don't see what long leash this guy has couldn't be more wrong about this.

2- There are better options in AHL?..maybe. That's yet to be seen nor proven. Also, there are a bunch of players on this team that are playing worse than Lats. I don't care if they have more raw skills, they're not using them and they should be sent down or scratched before him.
As for why didn't we make him play an AHL season first, well that's kind of too late, no point in discussing that. But let's wait and see. MaxPac had a similar camp as Lats's first one, both of them were sent down. If MaxPac comes back next camp and is even better than his previous one, he makes the team...will it be because of his french presence???..No right, cuz he ain't french, so it'll be thanks to his talent. Why is it different with Lats?..The kid had great camps, he deserved his spot.
But it doesn't matter anyways cuz he's with us now.
He's most effective on with Koivu, his development would benefit a great deal from playing with guys like Koivu/Tanguay, but in his 2previous seasons, he's only played a few games here and there with Koivu, and the same thing seems to happen this year.
No wonder he's slow to develop. Lappy or Smokes or Lang are not the guys that will help him much.

3- Nobody is saying to get rid of S.Kost. I think he should be placed with Plek/A.Kost and stay there for 10-20Games to let them find that chemistry. But he hasn't been playing better than Lats, and if you'd scratch Lats before S.Kost, then who's getting the fair treatment??..

4- Not producing?..He had 7pts in 8GP, Higgins comes back. Lats loses his PP Time right away. He then plays the next 2games still with Koivu, he's ok, not bad just okay. Higgins doesn't look too good with Lang, he isn't producing anything.
But after that, Lats gets put on with Lang and Higgins with Koivu.
Sure, that's totally well deserved.
Obviously it doesn't work, just like everybody could predict and he's dropped on 4th a bit. Higgins has 1 or 2 good games with Koivu, then disappears. What happens after??..Higgins is put with Plek/Kovalev and instead of bringing Lats back up to play with Koivu, KOSTOPOULOS gets put there instead.
Sure, he's so getting a special treatment.

As for Lucic, today, I'd do this deal of course. I still think Lats would produce more than Lucic if he were centered by Savard or even Bergeron for that matter. I think he has more offensive potential than Lucic but Milan would give our top lines more grit which couldn't hurt us at the moment.
I've said it many times before, I don't even like Lats but unlike many here I'm able to stay neutral and sane on a matter regardless of if I like a player or not.

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