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12-02-2008, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by gillyguzzler View Post
Brunet never had more than 14 goals in any season.
Brunet never had more than 32 points in any season.
Brunet only had 5 goals in 54 playoff games.

Most of our current roster? Koivu? Higgins? Tanguay? Kovy? AK46? Lang? SK74? Markov? Plek?

Sure, better than Bégin...BGL...Laps...Dandy...OB...even Lats...but most?

Quiz : Did Brunet like playing with a short stick or a long stick?
Brunet used a VERY long stick. I think he had the longest sticks on the team. for the comparisons again, I don't think looking at the numbers help in this comparison.

There were a ton of factors that worked against Brunet putting up decent numbers. The only people who should really comment on this are the people who actually remember Brunet playing....and not when they were like 6 years old. I'm only 2 years younger than Brunet, so I remember his playing days quite well. If your under don't really remember watching Brunet play.

Originally Posted by Licou View Post
Look... It's obvious that you never saw him play but anyway... He was not a reliable player because well, he was quite always injured and when he was actually playing, he was still nursing his previous injuries..
ding...ding...ding....we have a winner!!!

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