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12-02-2008, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
I am french...but I still don't see where Boivin 'promised a superstar'.

It's the classic case of someone saying something and others interpreting that however they want
By the wasn't meant as sarcasm, but was just asking a real question. What's the point in giving a french link to somebody who can't read it.

As far as Boivin is concerned, well he obviously can't promise anything since it's not his job. He can promise that he'll have the best guys around to take such decisions. But then, you just don't say that and then expect people not to believe what he's saying. Clearly, they had money to do important moves and mind you, they did try to do it (Brière, Shanahan, Rafalski, Smyth) so in the end he wasn't far off. Thing is, it's one thing to have the money, it's another thing to force a player to come here as rich as you can be. I think his main mistake in that article would have been to overrate how Montreal is not a problem anymore for players. As better as the team is, we are still not the favorites amongst star players.

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