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12-02-2008, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
At "least" 2?? Give me a break, throw in either an offensive D or a stay at home D who is good and we're set.

The reason we are doing poorly is: A) Komisarek's injury and B) chemistry

Lots of new faces on this team, new lines, after a long summer, takes time for some teams to build on said chemistry and the more carbo jumbles the lines the more this feels like 2 seasons ago. As soon as he allows the lines enough time to click we'll be fine offensively. A good offensive D to play the point is really at most what we need.

"at least 2 more" = a joke if u ask me. Look at our top 9 forwards and heck even our rotation of bottom 3, it isn't bad at all. Look at our top 4 d-men, and heck even our bottom 2, not bad at all. Look at our 2 goalies, both are great.

It's a matter of confidence and chemistry purely. These things take time and fans just can't accept the fact that these things take time and you need to sometimes lose some games while gaining line chemistry in order to be successful in the long term, something carbo clearly has not learned yet. Not trying to make this a carbo bashing thread, I hated him 2 years ago but since have become a big supporter of his, but it was for the way he coached LAST season that I became a supporter of his. If he continues to make rookie mistakes like he did 2 seasons ago then yes, I probably will start to become a carbo basher. For now I understand, he's under tons of pressure because he has a great team that should be able to outscore almost any other NHL team and on most nights plays like they should have 9 goals a game but loses games 3-2. I mean, I can understand the level of stress and jumbling the lines might seem like the only way to get the media and all that stress off his back for a second. But the real trick imo is to just make 3 lines right now, and stick with them for at least 5-6 games and if we lose 4-5 games then FINE, switch them.


2 things...I don't think the Habs are doing *that*poorly. They're underachieving and several of their top players are underperforming.

However, I think the biggest problem with the Habs and their up and down season thus far is their PP. If they're PP was operating even slightly better, everything would look better, some of our struggling point producers would have 4 or 5 more goals or assists. Those points on the PP translate to having more confidence on the ice, etc.

I have full confidence the Habs PP will bounce back because there's too much talent for it not too. Tonight would be a good start fellas!

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