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12-02-2008, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by HansonBro View Post
i didnt read everyones posts so im not sure if this has been said.

Most dekes are a "set" move. ie two stickhandles (outside then inside) which are used to set up the move...then the move like between the legs off your foot back to the outside.

the idea is to build your own set of "dangles" and use each one appropriately. watch your favorite dangles and pay attention to how they are done and go from there. Dekes usually are not a fluke that just happens during a game...again they are a set play. it just depends on when you use them.

also another good point is to allow the defenceman to close the "gap" between you. Dont go skating into him full blast, make him slow down to meet you. if he doesnt slow down then your just going to back him into the net allowing for a screened shot.

so again....pick a move...analyze it...practice it. make sense?

A lot of great tips and videos thanks. I like this tip it really seems to be helping me I was always rusing towards the defence then slowing down to try and deke him out. I am learning to be more patient and try and make him come to me and make the first move and I am seeing some results so far. I really believe learning to dangle around other players can be learned. Some players will always be more natuarally talented at it but I think anyone can learn to be pretty effective and slick. Thanks for this tips.

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