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12-02-2008, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
They do have som eother correspondents, shows how ell I know them, a guy from NY, Washington and a media insider, along with Gagnon, but no real incisive interviews. I don't often think to put it on in my office, maybe to hear McKenzie but silence is growing on me.

It's pretty well taste though. Melnick interviewed Angelo Dundee and George Chuval last week, best radio I've heard in a while. He's in a class by himself doing interviews, but if someone wants a pure hockey show with line combinations arued about, it's the wrong show, more of a sports/music/lifestyles/citybeat sort of thing and frankly, that's more what I want to hear. I couldn't imagine the drudgery of 40 minutes of whether AK should play lw or rw.
Well thats what bugs me...when he actually interviews people and is not plugging a restaurant or store, he's the best in Montreal imo...but there is not enough of that on his show. Too much of his show is fluff and filler I find...Almost like they're trying to fill up enough airtime with commercials to pay his salary.

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