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12-02-2008, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by TheFly View Post
If you're going to post one hypothetical scenario, why not look at the other side of it, what if Lats does nothing when he gets traded, what will be the excuse then? (He's only 31 years old, 32 goals in first two seasons).
Yes, because being 31 is soooooo the same thing as being 21.

How old are you yourself?..I'm only 25, and I can notice how I matured a great deal in 4years.
If you think 21 is old enough to pass judgment on a whole career, then it makes sense why you always bring up this argument.

The kid is used about a minute more than Lapierre and 40sec more than Kosto per game and gets about 1min of PP per game, please explain to me how come people still expect him to be racking up the points with such little ice time?..But when he was getting Ice Time at the beginning of the season when Higgins was injured, he had 7pts in 8GP, yet people find ways to diss him still.

S.Kost plays 1:45min more than Lats(PP IT) but has 9pts compared to Lats 8pts. He's 21 as well.
A.Kost plays 2min more and has 9pts too. He's 23.
Higgins plays 3:40min more than Lats but only has 1 more pts too. He's 25.
Plekanec just under 5min more than Lats but has 3pts more. He's 26.

So if he's not young...who is?..Not only that, but all those players are way more skilled then him, yet he's the one getting crapped on. That makes soooo much sense

Also, if Lats was getting more Ice Time including PP Time, there's nothing that can prove he wouldn't have more points than any of the players above mentioned.

It's simply amazing the number of people saying this and that about Lats, when the kid plays 13min per game. That's almost like 4min per period, that means what..5 Shifts per period?..
And people are surprise he's not racking up the points?..Really??..
Kostopoulos plays 40seconds less and he's played like Lats on very single line this season, but are we surprised he's not scoring??..No we're not. So why should we be with Lats?..

The Bashing towards Lats is more than ridiculous. People just like to whine and throw things out there without looking at things in depth.

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