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12-02-2008, 05:42 PM
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Tired of the Lats boosters complaining about what line he's on. The one person most responsible for Lat's development is Lats. When you see guys go into the lineup who are less talented than you while you sit in the pressbox it's time to ask yourself "what are they doing that I'm not?". The answer- What the coach is asking of you.

Lats has not been effective grinding or scoring (and he was given opportunities for both) even though he has the body and the hands to do both. The big club should treat him like he's in the army, break him then remake him. The tools are there, forget everything about the player you think you are and do what the coaches tell you to do. If your too stupid or lazy to do them you don't play. period. Sticking with a passive game thinking you are a scorer when the only way your scoring is when your linemates do all the work is a sure way to get yourself shipped out of town because it won't be long before you slump and then what good are you? You don't contribute anything else. Ryder and Dagenais are great examples.


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