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12-02-2008, 07:30 PM
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Originally Posted by zeroG View Post
JM, deboer and all of the fans already knew we were thin. this is the flip side of the coin spent on D this offseason. you can argue about the merits of the approach but it is what it is; it has nothing to do with drafting injury-prone 16 year olds or the fact that our players are too small and fragile to compete against the rest of the league. that's nonsense. the poster seemed to realize as much when half the board laughed in response and so retreated from the original point to say that we should have been prepared, like we were on defense. ok, so retool depth across the entire roster in one off-season? yeah, right.

anyhow, we've wasted way more time than was merited on this now
God forbid I get laughed at on a message board....
When did I ever talk about drafting "injury prone 16 year olds." Obviously you can't get drafted until you're 18 years old. My point was that when we have so many problems with injuries, it's probably not the best idea to trade for or draft small, frail players with injury histories. It's not that we've really been able to know (aside from Olesz) about too many players though, but we did acquire some injury prone guys in the past. Also, any smaller guys built like Weiss are going to get hurt and not be able to sustain good health over the course of a whole season. It's really not physiologically possible.
I didn't retread too much from the original post because my point is we know we have these issues so why don't we find a way to deal with them? Obviously the draft is a crapshoot and it's very hard to know, but via trades and free agency, we should be well aware that certain players tend to be injured more than others. Yes, many are freak accidents, but you have to be prepared. Just because we signed or traded for some defensman does NOT give JM a free pass to ignore the forwards' situation.

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