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07-18-2004, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by SENS4EVER
thanks for the lecture mother, by the way i would not think any less of muckler if he didnt pull off any of the moves their i was just saying it'd be a good idea (poor wording on my part i guess). I realise that all of those trades depend on alot of things but they're possible and the Havlat/Smyth,Smith trade benefits both teams. The Oilers already have too many natural LW's and the Sens too many RW's we need grit they need skill. I overlooked Fisher so there's no need to sign Bondra so forget about that. How much money could Wiemer possibly ask for? Think about it he's not going to come up and ask for an arm and leg. The most i could see him asking for is a three year seven and a half million dollar deal. Lastly im not the GM of the Islanders so i dont know what's best for their team, maybe they want a better prospect, maybe they dont want White or maybe they dont want to trade Peca at all. The whole point of these forums is to discuss the possibility, this isnt reality so dont go sh^ting all over my idea

You said if Muckler were smart he'd pull off these moves... so in other words if he doesn't you'll think he's stupid.... but in your last post you sayd you wouldn't think any less of him if these moves didn't happen..... Like you said yourself, you probably didn't choose the right words.

I agree that these boards are to discuss the possibilities but there's is like 0 chance that all these things happen, so you posted your dream line-up even thoug there's no possibility of it actualy happening....I just don't understand, if it isn't reality and it has no chance of one day becoming reality then what's the point of talking about it? People are just talking about the same players over and over like they were going to solve all our problems but it's not even based on a rumour or anything just on someone's opinion of what the team needs....... You're just missing Federov and Morrow (altthoug people seem to have forgotten about him) in your initial post and you have all these exemples of false-reality for the Sens. If you hear a rumour on TV or read it in the newspaper that the Sens are interested in a certain player well then you can discuss the possibility.... but talking about the possibility that the player you like comes ot Ottawa is just a waste of time becasue the possibility is just so small.

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