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07-18-2004, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Theo Fan
Thia juar might be the drinks talking, but I want Crosby, and even if we don't get crosby we'll still get a great pick of prospects if we land near the end. Nobody needs to tell me the values of winning. However, the amount of the good that'll come out of getting a top-3/5 or even #1 pick in a deep draft as next years will absolutly out weight coming in 9th or 10th in the division, which is about all this team will have the chance at making anyway. Don't lecture me either, cause I'd love to see this team play hard, win games, and make the playoffs as much as anybody else. EVEN if we did make it as a low seed like 8th or 7th, I really don't believe it'll outweight what good that'll come out of getting a top pick in this draft. Our system has alot of nice 3rd line prospect, afew decent #2 defenseman and maybe 1 that has a nice shot as a first liner/#1 defenseman/#1 goalie. It's a decent system, but still not enough to really build around. If we suck it up this one last season that will probably not be a complete one anyway and get a great selection of some more great talent or even Sidney himself, I have to believe it'll be well worth it.
My thoughts exactly. We need a shot at a Crosby or Brule. It is vital that this team gets its leader for the future. Depth is awesome, but if you don't have a couple studs to lead your team then you'll go nowhere. Would Calgary have gotten to the cup without Iginla? Would Toronto be the team they are without Sundin? Colorado with Sakic? We have a 2 year window IMHO where we should be able to snatch top picks. Two more years in the gutter and we will have a great farm which will benefit us for 15 some odd years.

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