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12-03-2008, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by levski87 View Post
Out of everything Avery has done, Bettman chose the WORST possible excuse to suspend him. Freedom of speech.... um? no?... Avery gives the NHL some personality, like a villain. He's good at that job, maybe they should promote him more so than Crosby.. hmm
Well put it this way... What got people talking more? Avery being suspended or if nothing happened?

If Avery wasn't suspended, would there have been an article on the main page of Yahoo! about what he said and what happened?

Seriously, think about it. Doesn't suspending Avery give the NHL more press than if they did nothing?

I know that I would have probably never even have heard of this unless the NHL suspended him.

Just because someone has freedom of speech doesn't mean that they can say whatever they want and not expect to be disciplined. Freedom of speech is to protect you from being arrested for saying certain things. It has nothing to do with your employer suspending you or fining you.
Did Avery get arrested? No, well then his freedom of speech is protected.

I can't go to my boss and tell him to **** off and not expect to get fired, but yet, if freedom of speech meant what you just said, then I should be able to say whatever I want without repercussions.

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