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12-03-2008, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by KWGoon View Post
Maybe you're not trying to say this but it sure reads like you think teams don't consider at all whether a player they're drafting might be injury prone or unable to stay free of injuries due to size/fragility.

Of course, that kind of statement is, as you so eloquently stated, "nonsense".
I just love how easily people think they rebuke an idea or theory by throwing one word at it: That's bunk, nonsense, poor, etc. If someone really thinks an idea is so poor, or such nonsense, you'd think it would be easy for them to back it up with a sentence or two, at the least, to prove why the original statement was nonsense. Instead, such posters spend more time explaining why they don't feel the need to discuss the issue than actually backing up the eloquence.

I'd hope a team analyzes how healthy a player might be, and more to the point, how he will handle the physical stress of playing in the NHL, before drafting him. A lot of injuries are freak occurances, but certain players tend to miss a handful of games each year with nagging injuries.

As for the lack of depth at forward, JM seems to have gone into the season relying on AHL call-ups as needed, which seems to be working for now.

I think PR96 had a good point. Who here thought Murphy would hold up for a full season? Singing veterans like McCabe, Zednik, Stillman is great, the team needs them, but one has to expect an older athlete to miss some games due to injury.

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