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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Uhm... not homer. Altho, you are the opposite of a homer, you are a whiner.

First off, Lethinen was +38, not +60, in his first three seasons, playing for a STRONG Dallas team. Secondly, Higgins had a bit higher PPG in his first three seasons, with a -12, yet playing two of those three seasons with a second rate Habs team. +/- is not only consequent to the player himself, but a big factor for this stat is the team you play on. How many 20 goal seasons did Lethinen have in his first three seasons???? +/- is not the only thing. Especially considering that Higgins played most of his first two seasons with seasonal Green Jacket hopeful Michael Ryder.

Get a clue.

Next time concentrate on making comments about darwinism when you don't know dick about it. I remember jsut how much you liked my sig at the time, although it did take you a lot of time to catch on to what it meant.
First season = +5
Second season = +26
Third season = +19

So Mr. Smartass, 5+26+19 = 38? I think not. Back to the drawing board.

Just as an aside, I wouldn't make too much fun of Ryder. He has more points than Higgins, and plays on a team that's on an absolute tear. You're being selective and I'm positive that you didn't watch Lethinen in the late 90's early 00's. Again, back to the drawing board son.

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