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12-03-2008, 09:10 PM
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Marc Denis back on the Habs soon?

So I read an article on RDS yesterday saying Denis was doing really well in Hamilton basicly winning games by himself. He said he was working with Melanson and that he was back in the game. He didn't say he wants to be on the Habs right now but it's obvious he wants to be.

Now I know it's only the AHL but if he's getting back in form do you think we will see him back in the NHL soon? I mean at this point we have 3 goalies that potentially deserve a spot on the team. I don't know what to think... on one hand Halak deserves to at least be back-up but Denis is a good goalie and if he really got his confidence back, he could help this team more than Halak for this season.

Are we going to be seeing a goalie traded away this season or in the off-season? I don't think Denis will want to spend more than 1 year in the AHL...

Personally I like both of our young goalies but Denis could be an asset if we make the playoffs. He could help build Price's playoff confidence (knowning he has someone experienced to lean on if he messes up). Last year I think Price was a bit scared to mess up in the playoffs because Halak was as inexperienced as he was.

But we can't just waive Halak at the end of the season if we want Denis in for the playoffs, we need to give him some NHL ice-time too. I would rather not trade him either because he is good and getting better over the years.

Do we keep our young goalies and hope they don't choke under the pressure in the playoffs or do we do the more "normal" thing and get a good young goalie with a veteran back-up.

I know in a few years having 2 experienced goalies in Price and Halak will be better than Price + Denis we are potentially good contenders for the next few years as it is. Should we still be looking in the future or concentrate on the present? Denis is still good for a few years at worst.

On the other side of the argument, who knows if Denis' confidence will hold up back in the NHL. He might just crumble in a month or 2 and sending down Halak could be a huge mistake.

So what do you think? In my opinion we are going to see a goalie dilemma soon enough if Denis keeps playing great so might as well get the opinions out there now.

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