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12-03-2008, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Iwishihadacup View Post
Sorry to burst your bubble, but I have seen the replay like 5 time on this goal, and the main reason why i confused the 2 goals is because I have seen no such good play by kovalev on the goal, I only saw an unpressured open ice pass to Plekanec that is skating between the 2 Dman and then slapshotting, then I see on the reverse angle a Kovalev that keeps floating with his slow speed, not even crawling to te net if a rebound would happen

EDIT: i watched it further, and basicly, Kovalev only gt touched by the pass that the defensemen wanted to give to kovalev, he did not even made a lay on the goal
No it was going by the boards, Kovalev tipped it towards the middle where Plekanec was and the play resulted in a goal. He did not do anything at all. Nothing. In fact Plekanec would have scored on easier goal if Kovalev was off the ice. The team would have won 10-0 if Kovalev was in the pressbox, 20-0 if he was not in the city and 30-0 if he was back in Russia. Kovalev should stop having children to rid the world of terrible hockey players that do nothing but get primary assists. In fact the United Nations should eliminate the last name "Kovalev" from existence so planet Earth can move forward into peace and prosperity.

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