Thread: Proposal: 3 way trade: (Cbj/Philly/Van)
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12-04-2008, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by CBJmeser61 View Post
So CBJ gives up one of their best shut down dman, their best puck moving dman and 2 picks for Briere? I think this is worse than the OP proposal. Not to mention we have to throw in Leclaire.

I knew their was a reason why I stayed away from the trade proposal thread.

Edit : I just noticed Filatov going to VAN as well.......really?! I think you forgot a
If the guy I quoted isn't sarcastic, then maybe I should propose this to show CBJ fans that Chimera and Peca arent worth that much.

I replaced what CBJ throws in (Chimera and Peca), with what Van does (Hansen and Johnson)
then replaced what CBJ gets (Hodgson, Salo, Van 3rd) with what Van gets (Filatov, Commodore, and CBJ 3rd)
Then I replaced what Philadelphia gets from Van (Schneider, Rahimi, and Van 1st) with what CBJ gives to Philly (Russel, Leclaire, and CBJ 1st). Get the jist of it?

I'm showing you CBJ fans what the Nucks are giving up, in what the guy proposed to make the trade more even for CBJ, and obvoiously, you see its alot.

My point was that if Chimera and Peca will get you Hodgson, Salo and a 3rd, then the Nucks should be able to get Filatov, Commodore, and a 3rd for Hansen (better than Chimera) and Johnson (worse than Peca)

I wasnt actaully proposing this because unlike the person I quoted, I'm not that big of a homer

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