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12-04-2008, 11:33 AM
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I remember his partner Gord Miller going on about the same thing in a game this year, make-or-break year, team will be totally different next year due to free agency, etc.

I don't know, maybe I'm just being naive, or overly optimistic, or too complacent, but... I don't really feel much concern about this. The Habs will have enough cap space to bring back almost any of the important players... *IF* the team wants them back, and *IF* the players want to come back.

Those two "IFs" are ample reassurance for me.

Brisebois, Dandenault, and Lang are gone, and that doesn't worry me in the least. Lang is the only real contributor there, but his role can be filled more cheaply, whether it's by him returning with a significant paycut or somebody else.

Begin, Bouillon, and Kostopolous are optional to me. None could get a raise. And we'd have to settle most of our more important cases first. But they are decent players IMHO, and if we had spots and cap space for them, I'd take them back. But I wouldn't be the least bit alarmed if we lost any of them, we can replace any of them from within.

So really, there's only 4 UFAs that matter. Koivu, Kovalev, Tanguay, and Komisarek. We will have cap space for all of them, unless one is intent on testing the market and maximizing his salary. If so, that's his right, and it means we can keep the other 3 even at exorbitant non-discount salaries. If it came to that, I don't see losing one player as being all that worrisome, it's just par for the course in the modern NHL.

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