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Originally Posted by EasyMac View Post
Well, in an ideal world it would be Jones, who while I think doesn't deserve the amount of criticism he gets and is a decent defenseman, just makes too much for what he brings. And it wouldn't be a top defender ala Jay-Bo or anything like that, just a very good, solid 2nd pairing dman in more of a stay at home type of mold.

We have a first pairing in Timonen and Coburn (if he can play like he did last year), Carle for the 2nd pairing (who I think could be great if he was paired with a very defensively sound partner to cover for his aggressive offensive play - Vananen is good but an upgrade to him would obviously be better) and then could have Vananen and Sbisa as the 3rd, with Parent in the minors (for now) and Alberts or Kukonen as the 7th.

I suppose you could argue that Parent could be that dman for the 2nd line and I could see his style matching Carle well. However as long as Jones and Sbisa are around and Parent is still AHL eligible, I doubt we will see Parent on the pro team, especially not on the 2nd pairing.
I think Parent will be eventually, but getting somone in here for the next year or two would be fine. I am fine with Vaananen though.

Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
If one centre's linemates are constantly changing, it's literally impossible for the other centres' linemates to stay the same. Richards has played with everybody, Briere has played with everybody.

Good players make the players around them better. Basically, you're telling me Briere is a leech.

Yup. There's no secret raygun that McCrossin can zap Briere's groin with to get a reading on whether or not it feels 100%. Briere said he was ready to play, so he played.
Richards played with Umberger and Lupul for a good chunk and then with Downie and Hartnell for a good chunk. All guys that complement his style of play. Briere was playing mostly with Knuble on the RW and they tried just about every other winger on the team with him on the left, other than Upshall and Lupul. None of those guys fit his style of play at all, other than Gagne who has worked very well with when together and healthy.

If Briere is a leech than so were LeClair and Renberg, both good players in their own right that were much much better playing with Eric Lindros.

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