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12-04-2008, 12:50 PM
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Thanks for the heads up! Just came back from there....fricking cold and windy though....That corridor, in front of the Bell Centre has to be the worst as far as the wind is concerned

Anyway, was nice, statues look great though crowd was not able to come really close to it, it was still close from the public when I left but they were suppose to open it since the guests were now invited inside. The new Souvenir store looks great though, I've seen it this morning since my train is in Lucien L'Allier.

Now what remains to be long will it stay like that. Something I'm also looking forward to is the how the bricks will be able to look great after a little while. 'Cause because of the heavy work that was taken place there, some bricks looked already awfully bad and the place wasn't open yet.....I hope they had time to restore a few of them....

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