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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
I have seen him play 20-30 times over his career. Markov has better vision, passing and puck moviling ablity. He is one of the best in the NHL in this aspect. JB is bigger and stronger than Markov but he doesn't have that level of ability with the puck. Markov is a top 10 NHL d-man...JB is a notch below that. He is not dominant offensively, defensively or physically but he is pretty good at all 3 aspects.

Florida has not been a powerhouse, but JB has had some pretty good players to play with and averages 40 points a year. He'll take the man, but is no more physical than Markov.
I agree that Markov has a better vision and can be more fluid with the puck but neither is Markov dominant offensively, defensively and especially not physcially.

I don't think that JBo sees the ice as well as Markov but he is a good passer in his own right. He is learning the offensive game and has an accurate shot even if it's not over powering like a Shea Weber or Sheldon Soursay shot.

Defensively, however, I think that JBo is a notch above Markov and is a horse and is often text book and has better positioning than Markov and he is much more consistant than Markov.

JBo also has one of the most beautiful skating strides in all of hockey that allows him to compensate for his over committments by getting back very quickly. I remember back when the Polish Prancer Mariusz Czerkawski was on the CH, how JBo was accelerating faster sideways than Mariusz was accelerating forwards at his full speed...and mind you Mariusz was not a slow player!

Physically, I wouln't say that JBo is physically dominant like a Dion Phaneuf but he knows how to use his body like a more phsycial version of a Lidstrom. About the only complaint that I have about JBo's game is that he needs to get a good helping of NASTY into his game.

And lastly, once again, JBo has still yet to hit his prime...the kid just only turned 25!!! Wait til this kid really gets going around age 27 and beyond!!!

Just to put this into perspective, 4 years ago when Markov was 25, he scored a whopping 28 points! And Markov has just recently started playing solid hockey in the last 3 years or so.

Contrary to that, when JBo was only a 19 or 20 years old in 2003, he was voted tournament's best defenseman at IIHF World Championships ahead of such noteworthy veteran NHL defensemen like Wade Reddon, Ed Jovanovski, Robyn Regheir, Lubomir Vishnovsky and Kimmo Timmonen.

All the growing pains for this kid has been paid for by the Panthers. Whoever nabs him now would hit the jack pot!

The only concern with JBo is that he's from Edmonton and there's a good chance that even if CH does get him for the 100 year Cup run, he might bolt next year to go play for his Oilers...but the good thing is that the Oil currently have too many D-men including Souray and Vish.

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