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Originally Posted by mikedifr View Post
I am sick and tired of how quickly people jump on and off the bandwagon on these boards.....GO AWAY!!!
Mike, I loved your entire post, but this says it all. I vividly remember, you, myself and very few others sticking up for Briere all season last year, but then, during the playoffs, he becomes everyone's "favorite." I can't stand that bandwagon jumping crap. I was also one of the very few who wanted Briere here from the previous season. Everyone seems to forget how crummy our PP was in that year from heck, and how great it was last year. People are delusional if they think Danny wasn't a BIG part of that. Without that PP last year, we do not make the playoffs.

Originally Posted by mikedifr View Post
Well said, I agree. For the record, I dont necessarily like the length of his deal either, but I was and am fine with a 6.5 cap hit for someone of his caliber
I truly understand people's concern about the length of his contract, but without all those years, he doesn't sign here. And for the record, we don't beat Montreal in the playoffs if they're the ones that have Danny on their team.

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I must say I see you have posted a ton in this thread but if I am ever going to read anything you write you have to change that avatar....
I currently feel the same way about Kambo.

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