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12-04-2008, 05:31 PM
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As long as everyone (and this is me just saying this in general - not toward anyone in particular) says Briere underperforms when he scores 30 some-odd goals last year and then dominates the playoff scoring for us (outside of the Umberger pulling a Claude Lemieux, of course) I'm fine with what that entails.

I don't see why people hate him so much. So he gets payed too much. Who actually gets payed about what they're worth besides young, cheap, non UFA-age players? Every UFA is pretty much overpayed the year they sign.

He performs very well for this team. He does his job. We didn't pay him to play defense or to backcheck or anything like that. If he never played defense before, why would he do it now? We payed him to help our scoring. He did that and does that. People might be mad because he takes up a big amount of the cap that we could maybe use better or that we aren't doing too bad with him out of the lineup. Name another UFA that offseason that we could have better spent the money on for the amount of production? Name a reason why we wouldn't want to add his 30+ goals and 68 points to our already dangerous team?

Don't blame Briere for underperforming. Blame the market or Homer for overpaying. You can't get mad at Danny for accepting the offer that was given to him, especially when he put up a year pretty close to his career averages. His goals are right around what he tends to score, around 30. His assists were off a bit from his crazy 90-point career year. So what. We can't expect that immediately, especially with Gags going out early last year and all the people we tried line switching him with last year. No way he gets 90 points jumping around his linemates from line to line like he did last year. Had he not gotten hurt this year, he was on pace for a very good year.

The simple fact is, with this team, we don't need him to have 90 point season to be successful. Our team has more than enough scoring. We are still a damn scary team when healthy with him there to add to it.

We need him to perform well when it matters most, the playoffs, and I believe he did that last year (and has done so over his career enough for us to be reasonably assured he will contribute during them).

Please, please stop with the hating on Briere for no justifiable reason.

Sorry, just felt a need to get that off my chest.

Go Flyers!

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