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12-05-2008, 03:31 AM
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Is it just me or Lappy and Begin are starting to look like hockey players? They used to be clumsy as Hell, making bone-head plays, trying to crash and bang but missing players, missing pucks, bad timing, etc...More importantly they both used to play like they didn't have line-mates. Lapierre especialy always did two plays: badly check somebody and then take the puck just skate fast into the other teams' zone and shoot on the goalie when there's no possibility to score. Now "Stop the Presses Batman!" he's starting to actualy make passes and make good plays(!!!). Who would have thought he had the brain cells to do that? I always thought he was a hard worker with a lot of speed but if the guy has developed a patience to make passes and so forth he might actualy have become REALLY useful.

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