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12-05-2008, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Nashy View Post
He did more than say something crude....he crossed a line,
The entire league is built on champions crossing the line. The Hall Of Fame is decorated with players who crossed the line. Welcome to pro sports.

and when your own team bails on you, you're in trouble. Even his biggest promoter Hull has hung him out to dry. He's a cancer in the room...everywhere he goes, so yeah Dallas can use him as a scapegoat.
I think this says more about the Dallas Stars, than Avery. I'm sickened by the people bailing on him. Nice organization that bails on a player when they do something stupid. It all looks scripted to me, I think they are relieved Sean did this so they could bail themselves out of a terrible FA signing.

Seriously, his actions are undefendable from any angle. You can't pooh-pooh it as a guy just making a comment, it's way more than that.
I'm not saying it wasn't a poor choice of words, however, if it wasn't Elisha.. poster girl for the NHL who used to blog for them.. I doubt this gets much attention, not nearly as much.

There was absolutely need for that comment to the media....on the ice fine, sure.
Well, I agree... but nice double standard we have here. If Avery had said it on the ice, and they punched it out.. would this have happened?

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