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Originally Posted by Yizee
I dont understand just because the Rangers are rebuilding that they automatically see themselves as losers. Did you see what Pittsburgh was able to do at the end of the season? They figured out that they were better than what people made them out to be and actually won a bunch of games in a row. The biggest problem with most new york teams is always no compassion or no heart or no leadership or nothing. I dont care if we had baseball players on this team - if we have guys who want to get out there and win they could easily make the playoffs. And also, why cant we just sign Zigmund Palffy and Paul Kariya and then trade them if they become a failure? Look at what we got just for guys like Rucinsky at the trade deadline - 2nd round picks. Did you see a picture of Bruce Graham? He hovers above everyone else and looks like a great potential for us. We get him in the second round. Rebuilding or not - it's heart and teamwork that gets teams in the playoffs and until we get that we wont see the playoffs.
First of all those guys wouldn't sign with us because we are not a very good team. Players like that are looking to win, not be part of a rebuild. Most guys don't wait 13 years to become a UFA so they can sign with a crappy team...atleast not the first time they hit the open market.

And the reason we wouldn't get much in a trade for a Palffy or Kariya is because free agents rarely have much value on the trade market the next season, because if teams wanted Palffy or Kariya, they would sign him now, they wouldn't let us sign him and then try and trade for him in March.

If they did sign with us, then that means there isn't much interest in them from other teams, which means not much interest in march either. Or it means that we overpaid for them, so come March some teams that were interested wouldn't want the salary (otherwise they would have offered more this summer)

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