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12-05-2008, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by mlandry View Post
Anyone got links to the Rangers interviews? I heard Lundqvist had some not so nice things to say about his team and I want to watch them

He basically praised Montreal for playing really good, while he bashed his own team for making you look good. "It was basically a NHL team against a non-NHL team."

Rangers continously bad performances are starting to tire Lundqvist out. You can see he's getting sick of playing in front of a bunch who seem to have no idea what they're doing out there.

The blowout last night was no exception from the picture this season, it was just another peak. Rangers have been just as terrible before against Vancouver and Ottawa for example, it's just that you had better skating and offense than they had. We basically have total collapses each and every game, where Lundqvist usually can hold the fort by himself for about 10 minutes or a period, but if it's more than that, he can't consistently stop the opposition.

It's really frustrating as a fan to see a team built on defense, unable to play defense, which has sadly been all Lundqvist so far this season. There has been way, way too many quality scoring chances against each and every game to be at an acceptable level. Because a defensive team without defense is absolutely nothing. We are awful at scoring goals (29th) and we don't have enough natural goal scorers, so that won't be something we can rely on to win games.

You have a much better chance getting somewhere, because if you struggle defensively, you can still bail yourselves out and still win the game. The Rangers? If the other team scores more than 2 goals, we are basically screwed. We might get it into a shootout if we can keep our opponents at 2.

Sorry, didn't mean to steal your PGT, but frustration needs to be vented.

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