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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Where Markov is a notch above JB is hockey sense at both ends of the ice, he anticipates his teammates movements as well as the opposition's in the defensive zone. This is not something you notice just watching the game having a beer, you have to really pay attention. His vision on the ice is also top flight, look at the pass he made to Lang last night. JB is not on that level on those 2 things. To me that makes JB a notch below.

In terms of comparing them age wise, don't forget that Markov only came over at 22-23, he had a big culture/style adjustment. JB has been around for 7 years, grew up in Canada playing the NA game and he's plateaued where he is, as a top 20 d-man. Good at a lot of things but not great at any one of them.

I'm not knocking JB and would take him on the team any time, I think he would be awesome on the right point...but some tend to overrate him into being a Lidstrom or Niedermayer due to his size and skating.

Listen, I'm not gonna argue whether JBo or Markov is better with you because that's a moot point in this thread...and I've already given a detail assessment of JBo above.

However, if I had to take one or the other I would take JBo 10/10 times...and I think that most other GM's would agree too...and in fact, up to this point in time, they have.

There is a reason why he was the youngest Canadian to play at the WJC in history where only a handful of future greats like Gretzky, Lindros, Spezza, Crosby and JBo have ever played as 16 year olds.

And regardless of whether you developed in Russia or in the Canadian prairies, JBo was doing spectacular things shortly out of juniors that Markov wasn't able to do until his 26/27th birthday.

Granted, Markov started the D position late but even as a forward, Markov was drafted much lower than JBo who was projected to go 1st overall for 4 years until finally Doug Mclean pulled that Rick Nash move on the draft day.

JBo has a much higher upside than Markov and even now, I argue that JBo is a much more complete player and his offensive prowse is equal or better than Markov.

Even on a really, really bad Florida team, JBo is leading the team in scoring as a 25 year old defensman. Let's just get the boy here to Montreal and on a powerhouse offensive team like the CH, the sky's the limit for this young man...esp. if Bob were to convince him to sign with CH for the long term!

BTW, neither Niedermeyer nor Lidstrom have his size so I am not sure what your point is.

Lastly, and unfortunately, JBo is a natural left defenseman...with a left handed shot.

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