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Originally Posted by David View Post
Actually, this is my point.

Chad, although highly touted, never really showed that he can play at young age (nor at old age for that matter) whereas Gretzky was highly touted and showed right away that he can play.

JBo did the same kind of thing at age 19/20 by showing the world that he can be the very best defensmen in a men's tournament full of NHL stars and veterans.

Others like Zet and Datsyiuks in your example had to go through a maturing process to become stars but there are truly greats that can step right in and perform at a very high level from a very young age.

Jay Bouwmeester has done that (although he could have been more consistant) through out his young career, playing what is arguably the most difficult position in hockey.

THAT is the difference.

That and the fact that JBo has still yet to hit his prime and is a stud in all areas of the game, including leading his piss/poor team in points and leading all defenseman in the LEAGEU (ie entire NHL) in TOI for the past few seasons.

It's not even close who is a better D-man when it comes to Markov and JBo.
I'm not going to keep beating a dead horse. JB has had very talented teammates the past few years and his offense has not been in the same stratosphere as Markov despite getting 4-5 more minutes of ice time per game. Markov is one of the reasons the Habs have had great PP's the last few years, he's the guy that set up Souray's one timer and Streit's shot, the guy that knows when to walk in from the point or make the soft cross ice pass.

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