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Originally Posted by coolbean04 View Post
I'll answer you question. I'll start with the 2001 draft since you don't want to include Lundqvist in 2000.


1. Blackburn - Freak Injury, what can you do?
2. Tyutin - A nice player, got us Zherdev
6. Zidlicky - Has some great NHL #'s for a 6th rounder
8. Hollweg - Made the NHL


2. Falardeau - Our first pick was a 2nd rounder. A Bust.
8. Prucha - Is a huge success just making it to the NHL


1. Jessiman - A HUGE bust
2. Baranka - Still an NHL prospect that can make the NHL
5. Dawes - Is a nice player for being a 5th rounder


1. Montoya - Emergency pick. We didn't know what Lundqvist would've been an all-star and panicked due to Blackburn's injury.

I think he could've been a nice NHL goalie if we didn't stunt his growth.

1. Korpikoski - A nice prospect, can develop into a solid player
2. Byers - Still an NHL prospect, probably won't live up to being a solid player for a 2nd round pick.

2. Dubinsky - Need I say more?

4. Callahan - Nice NHL player


1. Staal - Need I say more?
2. Sauer - Still a nice prospect
2. Cliche - Got us Avery who helped turn this team around


1. Sanguinetti - Solid prospect
2. Anisimov - Solid Prospect


1. Cherepanov - Solid prospect that ended with tragedy.
- Draft too recent to judge the rest.


1. Del Zotto - Solid prospect.
- Draft too recent to judge the rest.


We have actually had solid drafts, especially in the later rounds.

Lets just talk about the 1st round picks.

In 8 drafts we have had 8 1st round picks.

2 - Led to freak injury and Death, nothing you can do.
3 - Solid prospects still (Sang, DZ, Korpedo)
1 - Franchise player - Staal.
2 - Busts - Jessiman & Montoya. Montoya is understandable since we panicked. We felt we had no goalie once Blackburn got hurt.

So really, you have 1 true bust in 8 drafts. You also can't forget about the success in later rounds.

8 drafts =

Tyutin = Zherdev
Zidlicky - Succeeded not as a Ranger

Solid Prospects

Del Zotto

Still be NHL regulars


So that's 13 players making the NHL while also having two tragedies to 1st round picks in Blackburn & Cherepanov.

I rate our draft success an B+
I'm just going to name the guys you mentioned that are even worthy of being mentioned here.
Tyutin- ok good draft pick there, but again how good is it when we have the super euro scout on our team huh? PIcks like this should be a yearly thing with this scouting staff

Zidlicky- Traded for Mike Dunham can't count him

Hollweg- WOW a 4th liner!

Prucha- The daily HF Rangers trade chip, a real gem.

Baranka- Gone for two seasons and still can't stay healthy, bust as of right now.

Dawes- Another player who can't even keep a regular roster spot.

Montoya- Terrible pick, thought it was terrible when we made it and I still feel that way. We got nothing out of this draft pick. Wait Freddie 4th line Sjostrom.

Korp- Eh he looks ok but nothing that I waited around 8 years of sucking for. Hasn't really done much yet but he is one of the few bright spots.

Byers- 4th line potential, again whats so great about these players?

Dubinsky- The best drafted foward out of 5 yearrs of drafting and he is 2nd line material. That is a scary statement in itself.

Callahan- Solid 3rd line energy guy, a solid draft pick.

Staal- The best out of them all, was a gift that fell into Sathers lap though but I think that evens out since the Rangers really should have had a higher draft pick in that draft but got screwed with the lockout. Right now 2nd pairing guy but has the potential for top pair. Solid pick for sure and Slats traded up to get him two spots I think so I give him credit on this one. Best pick in the whole run.

Sauer- Walking injury with limited upside.

Cliche- Bust

Sanguinetti- Is he even considered as one of the top defensive prospects outside of Ranger land? No he's not. I also believe Del Zotto has already surpassed him on the depth chart.

Anisimov- Good prospect, not great. 2nd line potential most likely 3rd.

Cherry- Can't blame anyone here just a messed up thing that happened.

Del Zotto- Too early to tell right now, but it does have the potential to be a great pick.

In the end for 8 years of ******** we got
Staal Great
Tyutin Good
Dubinsky Great where we got him
Prucha Eh
Dawes Eh
Callahan Good
Korpikoski Good
Sanguinetti Good
Del Zotto Good but could be great
Anisimov Good

I'm sorry but that still is not what I hoped for from that long playoffless drought. And again Toots shouldn't count either since he was in the system before the lockout/rebuild took place. Add up all the picks during all the years and think this is what we have to show for that. With our super scouts and the money we spend on scouting i'm sorry I feel we should have come away with better. Add in all the young guys Slats got during those deals during that season and we only still have Greg Moore and Blair Betts in the system from all those deals. All the rest busted out except for RJ Umberger which was the one guy Sather got that decided to not offer a contract to, of course he was the best one! Balej, Liffiton, Immonen, ect bah!

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