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12-05-2008, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by #57 View Post
I think most posters just assume those guys are good. I don't think any Habs fan that has followed the team since Timmins came on board can say with a straight face: ''what a waste of a pick, this player will never make the NHL''. Timmins has proved time and time again that he knows what he's doing.

The fact that they play college/USHL hockey also is a big factor here. No one can see them live, no one can see them on TV. And it's not like like they're top of the line prospects that get talked in the papers everyday.

But like I said, with Timmins' track record, we don't even need to be talking about them, we know they're good, we know most of them will play with the Bulldogs, and then we'll be able to judge whether or not they'll make the Habs one day.
Well we all have our opinions based obviously on what WE can control which is seeing as many games as possible AND reading as many reports as we can. Which is obviously not as much as Timmins and Co could do it. So as far as having opinions on who can or cannot make it, I think we're entitled to as far as having a fan opinion. And needless to say that as good as Timmins is, he won't have 7 picks out of 7 playing in the NHL. So there must and will be guys he will be mistaken on as great as he was. It's not because he might do a couple of mistakes that he suddenly sucks. That's what people need to realize here. And saying that a guy chosen in the 7th round might not make it, is not exactly tearing Timmins's not everybody who will make it and 7th rounders are way more a crapshoot than any others....

So as far as not having to talk about them, well I guess you do respect the decision of people that do so. Talking about prospects is just pretty much as interesting as talking about the game itself, at least for some people. But Timmins is just another member of an Bob...If people can and can't agree with those guys despite their track record, I don't see why people can or can't agree with Timmins as well. And the day he make us look like a fool for not believing, well we just need to admit it and eat some crow.....

There are tons of examples of that already, like there are examples where I did see what Timmins and Co saw in the guys they've chosen but didn't panned out. Guys like Korpikari and Mikus for example. But then I don't see a guy like Kishel never be able to make it and not even sure if he's AHL material. And then you have all these choices that are still interesting picks but when other interesting picks seemed and still seems like better picks at that time and still now.

Again, it's just a guessing game that discusses about the scouting strategies, exactly like we're doing with the rest of the org.

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