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12-05-2008, 05:16 PM
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I used to breathe baseball until the steroids era was uncovered. I still love the game, but not nearly as much. Steroids and other now banned performance enhancers were rampant throughout the league, much higher than 80 percent.

Blalock was always a guy who would hit for average in the minors. He was known for hitting lefties and for hitting to the opposite field. About two seasons into the Majors, he started trying to rip the cover off the ball after a very productive power season, which made him one-dimensional. But one of the side effect of using 'roids is the wear and team on one's body. Bonds got away with it because he's a freak of nature, but for guys that aren't freaks of nature, it tears up joints more than anything else. That's been the main injury problems with Blalock, so I just assume he did juice like most other players and is now off the stuff so he cannot recover as fast as he used to or play with the pain as he always did.

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