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12-05-2008, 08:48 PM
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A much improved period in some respects. The Flames showed alot more jump, and emotion. They played the neutral zone very solidly and the forecheck was amazing and resulted in a goal. On the downside the Flames got mauled by penalty trouble that period. To be fair to the Flames though, I personally felt the officiating to be a tad one sided that frame. I also tend to agree with Dion, that both of those trips should have been called. And yes Miikka I would have called that interference on Perron too.

The PK unit was so-so. They played suitably, but not amazingly. A few lucky bounces are the only reason this game is as close as it is as Mikka could have gotten burned a few more times. And the score is no where near indicative of Miikka's skill as two of those goals he had no chance at what so ever. It was very nice to see everyone blocking shots as much as possible, but the PK unit needs to get back to the aggressive, smart stick play they used to go 19 straight.

The powerplay again showed us a few moments of sheer brilliance, and no goals. I have no idea why they can't seem to find the back of the net, as they seem to be doing everything right. Shots on net, quick tape to tape passes and solid puck possession, but no goals. The Flames are certainly making Mason look much better than he actually is.

I know I have moaned and whined on this, but for the love of Stanley's Mug, come on refs. Just a touch of consistency, not only game to game, but period to period. Is that really so much to ask? Is it not still tripping in the second the same as it is in the first? Is not a hit 4 second after the puck left the player still interference? I tend to believe so. And I also hope Prust is ok, having left after that mid ice elbow, that was predictably uncalled.

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