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Originally Posted by coolbean04 View Post
I'll answer you question. I'll start with the 2001 draft since you don't want to include Lundqvist in 2000.


1. Blackburn - Freak Injury, what can you do?
2. Tyutin - A nice player, got us Zherdev
6. Zidlicky - Has some great NHL #'s for a 6th rounder
8. Hollweg - Made the NHL


2. Falardeau - Our first pick was a 2nd rounder. A Bust.
8. Prucha - Is a huge success just making it to the NHL


1. Jessiman - A HUGE bust
2. Baranka - Still an NHL prospect that can make the NHL
5. Dawes - Is a nice player for being a 5th rounder


1. Montoya - Emergency pick. We didn't know what Lundqvist would've been an all-star and panicked due to Blackburn's injury.

I think he could've been a nice NHL goalie if we didn't stunt his growth.

1. Korpikoski - A nice prospect, can develop into a solid player
2. Byers - Still an NHL prospect, probably won't live up to being a solid player for a 2nd round pick.

2. Dubinsky - Need I say more?

4. Callahan - Nice NHL player


1. Staal - Need I say more?
2. Sauer - Still a nice prospect
2. Cliche - Got us Avery who helped turn this team around


1. Sanguinetti - Solid prospect
2. Anisimov - Solid Prospect


1. Cherepanov - Solid prospect that ended with tragedy.
- Draft too recent to judge the rest.


1. Del Zotto - Solid prospect.
- Draft too recent to judge the rest.


We have actually had solid drafts, especially in the later rounds.

Lets just talk about the 1st round picks.

In 8 drafts we have had 8 1st round picks.

2 - Led to freak injury and Death, nothing you can do.
3 - Solid prospects still (Sang, DZ, Korpedo)
1 - Franchise player - Staal.
2 - Busts - Jessiman & Montoya. Montoya is understandable since we panicked. We felt we had no goalie once Blackburn got hurt.

So really, you have 1 true bust in 8 drafts. You also can't forget about the success in later rounds.

8 drafts =

Tyutin = Zherdev
Zidlicky - Succeeded not as a Ranger

Solid Prospects

Del Zotto

Still be NHL regulars


So that's 13 players making the NHL while also having two tragedies to 1st round picks in Blackburn & Cherepanov.

I rate our draft success an B+

I'll break it down further......Sather gets a D in drafting goalies, an A- drafting defensemen, and a C in drafting forwards.

The fact that the Rangers have drafted only one 20-goal scorer (don't give me that "potential" stuff) in the last 10 years (maybe more) is a disgrace to the Scouting department

I'll go even further. Aside from Prucha's freak rookie season, the last Rangers draft pick to score 30 goals in an NHL season was, yup you guessed it, 1991 draftee Alexei Kovalev (who never scored 30 for the Rangers). The last Rangers pick to score 30 FOR the Rangers....Sergei Nemchinov, drafted in 1990 (who was an int'l veteran by the time he came to the Rangers)

The Rangers haven't been abysmal at drafting. But pretty close to it. I guess one Cup in almost 70 years is the ultimate punishment for that.

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