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07-20-2004, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Edge
But let's be honest here Brook, if this brought up a 27 year old journymen winger from Sweden the majority of people would have *****ing all the same. The guy was 27, not 23 or even 24 but all of a few months younger than guys who were drafted 9 years before.

Seeing him in Hartford a few times he was a nice player, but he wasn't exactly an eye popping talent esp. when factoring in that he was as old as he was.

The 20 points he had in 45 games with the blots was also with some serious looks thrown his way. But we also can't ignore that he had all of four points in his 28 game look from the season before that.

As for his little ploy about the one way contract, it should be noted that it was the SECOND time he pulled a little disappearing act to Europe. The first time was in the Flames organization than went back overseas the following season for reasons he easily could have prevented.

I just think we are getting a little carried away with a player who scored 22 goals out of nowhere. Ya know it wasn't that long ago that Jan Hlvac had a couple of 20 goals seasons for his third organization.

My point is that the lighs can flash just on just as quickly as they flash off. Not saying they will, but I'm not ready to go all to pieces just yet.

22 goals is nice, but he had it on a playoff bound team that really put all the pieces together. You gotta know he's lucky to his 20 on a team that wasn't firing on as many cylinders.

His performance in the playoffs reminded me A LOT more of the player I saw in the minors for several seasons before hand. That's one reason i am taking a wait and see approach with him. For all his talent and talk of how Sather didn't give him a chance, he is with his fourth organization in the last six seasons.
Hey, I don't deny any of what you say. However, in a year where our "best" LW was Barnaby, he deserved a chance. The fact that he didn't get even a sniff is still very annoying to me.

Also, he may not have been a spring chicken, but he is a hell of a lot younger than Tim Taylor and light-years faster. Cuter too.

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