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12-06-2008, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyAlgeria View Post
With UAE busy preparing the IIHF Asia challenge cup in Abu Dhabi, we take this opportinity to announce the creation of an Arab Ice Hockey Federation.

The Arab Ice Hockey Federation wont be an authority as the IIHF is, but will be more focused on working together for the progress of the sport in the Arab world. The Arab Cup was a good example of the good things that can happen if we work together.

So far the members are Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and UAE, and we hope for Kuwait to join soon. With hockey being played in Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman and Qatar, we expect more countries to join in future.

More news to come as things get more organised.

Ok, here what I see on the main page of the site....
We are pleased to announce the creation of the Arab Ice Hockey Federation.

The Arab Ice Hockey Federation was formed with the growing amount of Arab nations and Arabic players participating in the sport of ice hockey. The leaders of these Arabic hockey playing nations have come together, united for the love of the sport and the need for progress.

Our aim is for a higher level of participation, more media coverage, youth involvement, and the addition of new nations, amongst other things.

Ok, first, I would like to congratulate you on a great accomplishment. It hard sometimes to bring teams together under the same umbrella.

However, I see that within your mission statement you have stated that you have united for the "Love" of the sport and the "Need" for progress.

Ok, I will buy that. However, to get better, you will have to play teams that are better then you. This means that you will have to play teams from outside the Arab Federation.

Now, there is an underground movement here within USA to not trust Muslums and it is fast growing. Even though the far right would have us believe that the minute we get together, you would cut our heads off for being infidels.

The reason why I say this is not that I am a bigot, I have grown up all my life with these types of prejudice comments or ideas. It's just the fact that most people are concern about keeping their heads.

I would love to help you changes these prejudices. The only way I can think of this is to have you guys come here to the USA and play some teams of your caliber around the country.

I would be willing to be the point man for you here in the USA if you need one to help you set up games, find hotels, sight seeing...etc.

Congrats! On your new federation.

Head Coach

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