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12-07-2008, 01:10 PM
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Am I the only one who doesn't want Sundin here? I think we'll pay more for him than he will be worth to us not to mention that we already have THREE centers which could play their position on the first line almost anywhere in the league. I'm already feeling awkward that Carter is more or less our third line center with the amazing run he has. Sundin is without a doubt also not a third line-center.

I don't see Sunding fit the Flyers or fit into the Flyers. I just don't see a team with four first-line centers but without a first line right-wing if it should come to trading Knuble AND Lupul.

As for the trades: Lupul is probably fine. I thought he'd be traded sometime during this season and it is reasonable. His salary is increasing and although I think he isn't getting a fair shake he'd be the number one guy on the team that has value on the market and that the management would be willing to trade.

I don't see Knuble though. He's doing fine and there has already been talks between Holmgren and Knuble about him getting re-signed. He'd also have significant less market value than Lupul and we would dump less salary on long term if we would trade Knuble than Lupul. Knuble being mentioned in that article is simply speculation from the author of the article.

Not to mention the scenario I already groaned about that would happen if we were to trade both. It's a hole that has become apparent when we realized in the training camp that Giroux is not yet NHL ready: We are for now without a top-line right wing for the immediate future (next season).

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