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12-07-2008, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by RushDP View Post
Are you suggesting that you should treat 4th liners and top liners the same way? There are too many 4th liners as is when they are all healthy so some will sit anyway but to sit top liners and replace them with 4th liners is dumb. Calling up from the farm for a few games is equally as dumb just to make a point and embarrass your key personel.

Higgins would react the right way, get the message and do better once back. Pleks may do the same or get alienated and go the other way. Kovy would just resent the embarrassment of being sat out and tune out the coach. I'd do the same if I was him.

A coach has to manage egos and get the best out of their players. Do you seriously believe that sitting Kovy will get the best out of him the next game? He is working hard despite what some haters say here and it is pretty hard to sit a guy that is working hard. Instead, you could take him aside and ask him what you could do together to make his game better. First, take him off the PK. Save him for PP and regular shifts, why give him extra ice during a PK when there are plenty of younger legs out there that can do that job? Second, Kovy on the half boards in a PP is exactly what the other team expects so change it up. They collapse on him and suffocate him so there is no real advantage to having him there. There are changes that can be made before we sit the guy and lose him for good. For no good reason other than to satisfy Kovy haters.

BTW, should we have sat Koivu for a couple of games last year because when it came to stupid boneheaded penalties at the worst time he took the cake. This year he has changed that aspect of his game and he has been amazing as captain. Gets better every game.
You sure read a lot into a short, concise post.

I never claimed Kovalev was not working hard lately, however, I disagree about your analysis regarding the different treatment of players. These guys are pro athletes, not high school players. Spare me the embarrassment factor - these guys have done a good enough job of that lately (O'byrne anyone???). You can't tell me players don't see things the way they are. Skilled players naturally get more ice time, but the "grinders" and effort guys have to impress to get minutes. And by the way, Carbo has somewhat "clouded" just exactly who a 4th liner is..........

I think Kovy should not be on the PK. His 5 on 5 defensive zone play is lacklustre at best because he refuses to head man the puck but instead tries to deke his way through everyone. He takes too long of shifts, and is just slumping right now. Higgins and Pleks are outright invisible and need the same treatment Lapierre, Begin, Dandy, Lats and S. Kost have received.

Let us not see this "depth problem" as a problem at all. Play the guys who win. Sit the guys who don't buy in from time to time. Make the game simpler for the "stars". Play them with the grunts if you have to in order to make a point. It is amazing how infectious effort is. D'Agostini has rejuvenated the squad lately - all because he goes to the net. A Kost feels he can free wheel knowing Koivu WILL GET HIM THE PUCK, unlike Kovy where you are always guessing what he will do.

I trust Carbo's judgment and he doesn't have to be liked. What he needs to get out of these guys is wins, and he will do just that.

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