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07-20-2004, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk
Let's not squash Ortmeyer so fast and push him down to 4th line already...We have to remember that last year was his 1st year in the NHL and given the defenseless mentality and performance that ran amok in NY, he was a breath of fresh air...And you can bet that he was focusing almost entirely on defense....Even with that, he still showed more offensive skill then the likes of Jaime Lundmark...

OK, that little swipe out of the way, I think Ortmeyer right now is a 3rd-4th line tweener for the NHL but probably good enough for 3rd line on the Rangers..No need to discuss his hustle, hitting, defense, skating, on-ice leadership and shot blocking because it's all there..It comes down to offense or just the willingness to play more offensively..I wouldn't be surprised if we saw that this year from a more confident and relaxed Ortmeyer who wins a spot on the 3rd line

As for the other candidates, I don't see Murray as anything more than a 4th line banger right now..I don't think much of his skating, defense, or offense now but he to might be more confident this year......

Prior to his head injury I always liked Hollweg, and liked him more then guys like Murray...Time will tell on this one but he has to work himslef up the ladder...F

On Helminen, who knows? I have heard comparison to former Wolverines Ortmeyer and Madden...

I asgree with Marley's take on Betts and agree that Betts could/should be a 3rd liner, but only if he can stay healthy, which he hasn't been able to do...Also, if Holik is the checking/defensive C, can Betts play the W spot....

And even with all these players, it's a good bet that a vet is signed for this role too..

Damn, it should be very interesting if we ever have a training camp...
Helminen got compared to Madden? I have yet to see anyone mention Madden when Helminen's name was brought up.

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