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12-08-2008, 11:26 AM
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indeed. a change is needed. for one, there needs to be a legitimate finisher on this team one way or the other. ask yourself : are we closer to contender or pretender? then do what needs to be done. deals can get done we all know that, spare the salary cap nonsense. positive emotions are best, on that many of us agree but enough of the "we`ll learn from this loss" or "theres enough talent in this room" or " its a long season..." or we`ll forget this loss and move forward" etc. we cant score 2.41 goals every game and be a contender. thats how dominant goaltenders like Henrik become not so dominant.
goal support is an absolute must. true, there is plenty of talent on the team ,it just seems to be spread too thin or its complementary. also, Renney is beginning to remind me alot of Obama: great speaker, plenty of promise but not alot to show for it. he seems to be grasping at straws. you have heard the defenition of insanity? well it seems that the same thing is continually tried and a different result is expected. unlikely. could it be a square peg, round hole scenario? at any rate i think this team NEEDS a Kovalchuk type at the very least. Henriks groin depends upon it. a shake up is needed in my opinion, sooner rather than later. we lead the division but that is absolutely temporary ,mark my words! hell Dave Maloney has been saying we will struggle to score goals since before Prague....DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!! (Sather of course, not

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