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12-08-2008, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by TrueHabsFan View Post
ArcticHabsFan i totally agree with you. Lose him for nothing. He does not fit in with our style of play. The fact that everyone still makes excuses for him is ridiculous. He is in his third FULL season in the NHL. Sergei is in his FIRST FULL seaon in the NHL. Yet we are willing to dump him off to the AHL. LMFAO. Seriously. OByrne has played 50 games in the NHl in what has to be the hardest of positions to perfect. We are all quick to dump him off the AHL also. We have a forward that come up from AHL and is totally on fire, not to mention that he is doing everything Latendresse can't do. Yet, the so-called fans cant wait until D,agostini fails so they can send him back to the AHL also. Are you guys serious? Why would u want D'agostini to fail? The kid has unlimited potential. He has shown more in 4 games the Guillaume has in 2 plus years. His three goals in three games surpass Guillaumes 2 goal total. And Guillaume played on the first line for at least 10 games this season. Lets get serious. Put Guillauem on waivers, and let some other team take the time to develop. I am fed up of watching this kid develop with the Habs. This is not peewee hockey. You wanna learn how to skate, you wanna learn how to play hockey, u do that in the farm leagues, not in the big leagues. Power forward this, and power forward that. How can an 18 year old, 5'8 Patrick Kane develop in half a season, but some big lug of 6'2, 240 pounds, be useless for three years. PUT HIM ON WAIVERS AND TELL THE TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING to have fun with him. He'll have some good company on the team, Vincet Lecavalier, Martin St. Louis, Eric Perrin...(u see where im going with this..) He will feel right at home. And here in Quebec we can go about finding a new posterboy a la Alex Tanguay to push as our leader. He actually has the skill set an the attitude to deserve it.
Godamn are you ever beyond clueless about hockey! I bet you more then half a dozen teams would be willing to give us there 1st round draft pick and then some for Sergei Kostitsyn. Sergei is a potential 1st line gritty playmaker with top notch vision and speed to sell. Many players have alot of difficulties in their second seasons because 1) They are more looked for then their rookie seasons and 2) They're desperately looking to surpass their stats, sometimes losing alot of confidence just like Sergei has. Next year when Alex Kovalev will probably be gone, Sergei will become our primary RW with vision, and by that will had gotten back on his feet. Weither or not he needs to go to Hamilton right now is another question, personnaly i think he does, but top give him up for nothing, keep reading and start learning before you post more BS like that to real smart hockey fans like we have here

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