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07-20-2004, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by newf
now, i agree that holik is best used as a 3rd line neutralizer against guys like sundin and thornton, but if you look at this team as its put together now, and acknowledge that the consensus opinion is not to get many (old) UFA's, then what's wrong with holik as jagr's center? they play well together, jagr benefits from the space holik creates by using his size, and if you look at his stats from last year (25 - 31 - 56) he's equivalent to guys like arnott and marleau. and that's considering that he played a lot of time not as a scoring center. 10 more points, which i think he'd get as jagr's steady center, puts him up there with federov and lecavalier (based on last year's stats). plus he's said that he'd be willing to do what renney asked of him.

imho, people who are insisting he can ONLY be used as a 3rd line center are being pretty short sighted. he's more talented and versatile than that. i say give him 82 games with jagr, let lundmark pair up with balej on the second line, and get someone else to shut down the opposition - is that bett's kind of game? didn't ortmeyer used to play center before last season?
I've always been in the opinion of you let players play to their strengths. Everyone keeps talking about us signing vets to fill in holes and to come and play specific roles. Holik's ideal role would be as a third line center, shutting down opposing teams' top lines. That is his strength. That is something he has always done great over the years. That is something this team needs in order to allow our first two lines less pressure from coming from behind and more opportunity to take the lead.

Yes, Holik put up respectable numbers during his time on the first line but top lines from other teams ran us over and put the puck in our net a hell of a lot more. Chara's strength with the Sens is his size so on the PP they park him infront of the net. He has a nice slap shot as well (similar to Holik's ability to play beside Jagr) but his strength is his size so the Sens let him play his role. St. Louis is a quick little bugger so the Lightning let him fly down the ice. Primeau is a one man wrecking machine so the Flyers let him play to his strength and park him infront of the net.

All successful teams make note of their players strengths and let them play to them unless in a time of need. If we don't sign a first line center, then yet, unfortunately through team need, Holik has to play 1st line center and we hope that Betts or one of the kids can be half as effective as Holik is as a third line center.

Anyways, my long rambling point. Let the players play to their strengths and Holik's is most certainly a shut down, third line center who can put points up on occassion just through his sheer ability.

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