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12-08-2008, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by MikeyGSpot View Post
How to fix the Rangers.

1. Fire Tom Renney.
2. Hire Torts. Let's see what a high energy guy can do.
3. Trade Rosival , Gomez, and Kalinin for whatever you can get. Draft picks, players for the AHL, whatever you can get. Dump the salary and the players.
4. Call up Potter, Fahey.
5. Insert all players into Lineup. Yes they are young, but you gotta keep playing them, they will get better. And rotate lines for christ's sake.

Naslund - Drury - Callahan
Voros - Dubi - Zherdev
Dawes - Fritche - Prucha
Sjo - Betts - Korpedo


Mara - Staal
Girardi - Redden
Fahey - Potter

6. Throw out the old system. Play a puck possession game, cycle the boards, sneak in a dman and crash the frekin net. Old school, Eddie Shore baby.
7. Throw out the old PP system, stop trying to force shots from the point while people aren't moving, cycle the puck down low, sneak a dman in for free shots. This forces the defenders to watch them more closely freeing up your forwards for quality chances.
8. Instill the idea that shots aren't the goal, quality shots are. Start taking quality shots, in tight, down in the slot.
9. D strategy, one man back that can play defense. Staal, Mara, Potter are the only dmen allowed to stay back as they are good dmen and can break up two on ones.

This will cause higher scoring games, but also get us on the board a lot more. Today.
Well then, Im certainly happy you're just a blowhard on a message board instead of someone thats actually making the decisions for the Rangers.

I think its interesting that you'd fix the Rangers by making the personnel worse, including the coach, who was run out of Tampa even though he had more talent there than we could ever dream of.

Also, magician that you are, Im sure you could easily clear 15 million in salary for draft picks and whatnot.

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